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FLog Table of Contents

Welcome To Your Six Month FLog Journal

WTFLog? Why FLog

Your Superhero Self

  • A simple guide to your digestive system
  • Why are inflammatory foods, well, inflammatory
  • Fats You Need and Fats You Don’t

FLogging Category Tips and Instructions

  • Water Intake and Your Urine
  • Exercise
  • Stool Chart and Your Poo
  • Stress Management
  • Fasting
  • Sleep Tips 
  • Food Shopping and Eating How To’s

Food Law

    • Food Lists – High, Medium, and Low Risk Foods
    • FODMAPS and The “Maybe” Foods
    • How to score

Symptoms and reactions list 

  • Record Keeping for Your Food Sensitivities

Personal Record keeping

  • Your Unique Routine of Favorite Foods
  • Supplements or Medication

FLog Daily, 182 days to change your lifestyle and heal your body and mind. Plus you’ll find helpful grocery lists and cheat sheets at the end of every week’s log pages.

Find monthly stories about the author’s journey through her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and the lifestyle changes she made to improve her health through natural sources. 

Chapter 1 – Playing the Game of Clue (Between days 28-29)

Chapter 2 – A Whole Mess of Changes (Between days 56-57)

Chapter 3 – Relationships Tested (Between days 91-92)

Chapter 4 – A Few Clues are Revealed (Between days 119-120)

Chapter 5 – Finding the Answers to My “Why?” (Between days 147-148)

Chapter 6 – Revelations (After day 182)

Letter From the Author of The FLog

Resources and Endnotes

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

    In your FLog you will list your type of sleep, food, liquid intake, exercise, moods and symptoms. Even your poop!

   Based on your consumption and the symptoms after eating or drinking you’ll grade yourself from a list of ingredients in the high, medium and low risk categories. Plus foods from the FODMAP’s list. By listing the food you eat and the symptoms you experience, you’ll be able to slowly eliminate foods from your diet. You’ll track how you feel and your energy level, plus your exercise and ability to sleep and poop!

      Based on your symptoms to food that may cause inflammation in your body your FLog will be creating a list of foods you should never eat or even come in contact with. The foods you should consume on a once in a while basis and those on the rare list.

Your FLog will give you advice and food suggestions to use as alternatives to inflammatory foods, such as processed sugars, gluten, corn, soy and dairy to name the most important. Beat the common misconceptions about dieting and eat for your particular body. Put in it what it needs to feel amazing!

You are on your way to your best self. Learn self-discipline by avoiding what makes you feel good for only a moments satisfaction, and the consequences you feel later. The self-destructive habits will slowly disappear from your lifestyle. Because feeling your best is addictive! You’ll also learn how to fast to give your body healing time!

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