In your FLog you will:

Input your type of sleep, food, liquid intake, exercise, moods and symptoms into your FLog. And yes, even your poop. You will grade yourself on a daily basis according to the foods and liquids you consume and the symptoms you feel afterwards. Eventually you will create a list of substances that have a negative effect on your body, substances you should never eat or come into contact with, and those that you may consume occasionally.

Substances Can Contribute to These Categories:

Symptoms and Reactions List



Diarrhea,  Constipation


Gas,  Heartburn   

Bloating,   Cramps

Indigestion,   Burping


Acid Reflux,  GERD

Intense cravings

Weight gain/Belly fat

Fill in: Fill in: Fill in:
Fill in: Fill in: Fill in: Fill in:




Heat flash,  Infertility  PMS

Mood swing,   Breasts Tender

Irregular period   Cramps

Heavier bleeding than usual

Lighter bleeding than usual

Decreased libido   Back ache

Weight gain

Thyroid dysfunction

Fill in: Fill in: Fill in: Fill in:
Fill in: Fill in: Fill in: Fill in:




Anxiety,   Headache   Sleeplessness

Brain fog   Depression



Lack of focus   Vertigo

Fatigue ,   Hearling Loss

Memory loss    Vision Loss

Vision blurred,  spots

Fill in:
Fill in: Fill in: Fill in: Fill in:
Fill in: Fill in: Fill in: Fill in:




Acne Swelling Congested

Hives,  Muscle pain  Nose run

Rash: psoriasis, rosacea or eczema

Numbness or tingling

Nose Bleed

Sweating,  Joint pain


(genital, rectal)

Excessive body odor, or bad breath

Dry eye or mouth




Sleep paralysis

Hair loss

Back pain

High blood pressure



Nail fungus

Gingivitis, oral health issues

Athlete’s foot

Fill in:
Fill in: Fill in: Fill in: Fill in:

FLog Daily Report Card

Keeping Score

Your FLog score will help you connect the dots between certain foods and symptoms. You can then reduce these foods from your diet or completely remove them based on the frequency or severity of the symptoms. The idea is to remove inflammatory food from your diet so your digestive system can heal, resulting in an immune system ready to face the world’s harsh environment. Even if you do not feel obvious symptoms from any of the risk food groups, continue to grade yourself to keep track of the quantity of inflammatory substances you consume on a regular basis. Some delayed reactions simply are quantitative in nature: the more junk you pile on, the harder your system needs to work to detoxify.

Use the ‘Your Unique Routine’ log pages to record what you eat often and all its ingredients. Ideally, the foods you consume should contain the least amount of points.

You should take the FLog with you during your day so you can log on the go and at work. However if carrying an extra item with you is impractical, you can take pictures of your food or drinks and log them later. If you had a meal, snack or drink that had a label of ingredients, then you should snap a photo of that label to record later. If you post your food pictures on social media don’t forget to use the hashtag #theflogjournal.

FLog Instructions:

  1. Keep a record of what you eat and drink throughout the day.
  2. Add a point for each inflammatory ingredient on the Risk Food Lists (see Food Law pages).
  3. You will then add up the total number of inflammatory substances you consumed during that window of time. For example:
Time 4am-11am
FOOD Solid List ingredients, be descriptive but don’t overthink it.
or liquid Take a photo of the list of ingredients if needed. (If you ate label food) 
Score: 5 Eggs, spinach, mushroom, coconut butter for cooking, gluten free bagel-4 (Teff, maltodextrin, sorghum, corn syrup) strawberry jam and coconut butter

Peanut butter-1 celery, banana


At the end of the day add together all four scores to create your day’s grade. 

A+ A A- B+ B B-
0 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-12
C+ C C- D+ D F
13-15 16-18 19-21 22-24 25-27 28+

Your FLog Report Card

A+  is your ultimate goal, but can you do it everyday? Human nature says its not likely, so challenge yourself to do it:

1-2 days a week

3 days in a row

5 days in a row

A, – A- You’re getting control! 

Challenge yourself to do it:

1- 2 days a week

3 days in a row

5 days in a row

7 days in a row

B+ – C+ Almost there!

Challenge yourself to do it:

3 days in a row

5 days in a week

C, – C+ You’ve got to do better!

Challenge yourself to do it:

1 day a week

3 days in a week

D+ – D Baby stepper!

Challenge yourself to do it:

1 day a week or less

F  Your immune system is in the “Danger Zone” if you do this too many days in a row. WTFlog are you thinking?

Challenge yourself to do it:

2 days or 0 in a month!

Within six months to a year, you should have a detailed list of foods and reactions on your ‘Noticing a Pattern’ pages. Add a point to your daily grade even if you can eat certain ‘Risk Foods’ without reactions. Remember, the immune system can change and those foods may affect you at some point because of their inflammatory nature. Always count a point to your daily score for any ‘Risk foods.’

  • If you have an autoimmune condition, disease or infection of any kind or even cancer I strongly urge you to eliminate ‘Risk foods’ from your diet to keep inflammation and your immune system under control. 
  • If you don’t have a diagnosis but suffer mild symptoms from any category on the reactions and symptoms list, I suggest you adhere to the ‘Maybe ok for you’ list and follow its instructions. Consider them a Risk Food if you notice a pattern of symptoms after eating these foods.
  • If you are trying the FLog simply for your well being, I congratulate you on seeking better health. I suggest the same for you as I did in the above category. You’re fortunate to have a super hero immune system and metabolism. Choose organic, whole foods as your preventative food medicine.

You are on your way to:

Your best self by learning self-discipline and avoiding the instant gratification of eating and drinking things that make you feel good for only a moment but lead to regret once you feel the consequences. The self-destructive habits will slowly disappear from your lifestyle because feeling your best is addictive!

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