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Jackknife: “Bending of joints like knees and elbows to create massive tension so you can put muscles into a stretch while working over them. When the muscle fibers are stretched and you apply direct pressure or use cross fiber methods it is less painful, so creating angles like this will be very useful.”

Physical Touch Body Work is a business dedicated to providing the best of massage combining many modalities which make up Summa Teq. to give clients the quickest pain and tension reducing results. 

From athletes to your business professionals, trained therapists can provide muscle healing for anyone in need. 

PTBW’s Summa Teq. – Training Program

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As a massage therapist trained in SUMMA TEQ. you will learn the skills to read a person with one touch of your hand, with or without the sight of your eyes.

There’s a code of honor and respect for yourself and the person in your care. You will be able to build trust not by words but with the skill of your techniques.

With the combination of many unique and standard massage techniques and passive movements to the body, you can manipulate the tissues and the brain to relax tension at a whole new level. 

With one hand on the body you’ll know how much a person needs you. Certified therapists do not advertise their deeper skill with the body until they have complete trust and have had success, instead you will let the person in your care figure that out on their own. It has to be their revelation that your skill is unique and successful. 

It’s the only way they’ll believe in you fully.

Summa Teq.

Summa Teq. Testimonials

I have always pushed my body to the extremes, from being an NCAA Wrestling All-American, National champion power lifter, Professional Strongman, to now being a top level bodybuilder. Taking my body to these levels has done a lot of damage to my joints and connective tissue. I have been to dozens of massage therapists over the years to help fix the years of damage, but it wasn’t until I found Summa Teq. that I really started seeing progress. Summa Teq. created by Angela Landeros is now a key component in my training program to help me not only fix the damage already done, but to prevent injury in the future. Her knowledge and techniques set her apart from her competition and establish her as a true master of her art.

-Matt Cook, Personal Trainer and Competitor @mattcook_badassmuscle

My body hates me. My muscles cramp, my back turns into a brick wall, and day to day activities become difficult. For 11 years I’ve had an excellent masseuse, Angela Landeros.  She can find the trigger spots immediately and get them to submit.  She is strong and has multiple techniques she uses to work on difficult knots.She is completely trustworthy both in her massage studio and out. I would recommend her to anyone I know.

-Ruth Pollack Goziker

Angela is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to! Ever since I’ve been seeing her on a regular basis, my body is so happy. As someone who was a former fitness competitor, I train pretty intense and so it’s very important to get a massage regularly. Angela always knows what to do to keep my muscles feeling great and to help prevent injuries. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Jennifer Mancini @secret.vino

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Angela is the best! As a farrier, I need all my muscle to be working and feeling great. She has magic hands.  I’m always amazed with how great I feel the next day! I’ll come in complaining about one part of my body and she will pin point and explain how a different area of the body is causing that pain. Everything is connected and I appreciate that she takes the time to find where the problem is coming from. In addition to ALL of that, she will give you stretches, foam rolling positions and tips on how to maintain what she has fixed.

-Sarafina Topolsky, Farrier

Are you a licensed massage therapist looking to join a talented team?

We are looking for talented massage therapists who have a strong skill in deep tissue, sports and intuitive massage work. 

You can be finishing school or have years experience because either way this is also a training program for you learn a special healing art called Summa Teq. 

(818) 921-6191

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